Setting your team up for success

“Focus your energy not where your team is, but rather on what your team might be.”

How can we help your business?

Integro can help you quickly build strong and effective teams where everyone is on the same wavelength and speaks the same language. This also results in reduced interpersonal conflict and stress.

Team effectiveness is often confused with “team building”. Outcomes of numerous team building sessions have often been described as “touchy feely” i.e. “having to like each other”, having more meetings, more social outings. These rarely produce long term bottom line results.

Effective teamwork is not based on having to like each other. It’s about developing professional respect. You don’t have to like someone to work with them but you do need mutual respect.

The current business climate expects executives…

  • to be team players and have the ability to “play on numerous teams” every day Executives cannot expect their staff to work as a team if they’re not able to lead by example.
  • to look at the “big picture” as well as their own specific areas of responsibility Because of business pressures it’s easy to get lost in the trenches and develop a “silo” mentality. This results in energy being wasted on internal competition between departments, rather than competing in the marketplace. “Playing politics” is a great waste of time!
  • to be able to quickly form project teams, achieve rapid results and move on to the next project team Selecting a balanced team with a broad range of strengths offers greater potential results because of the range of options to choose from. However this diversity also offers greater potential for interpersonal conflict.

Integro experiences are exciting, interactive and fun!

…more importantly,
people remember and use what they have learnt
long after their Integro experiences