Why would you work with us?

  • We have developed programs based on Australian needs and values. Although we use some of the best leadership tools from overseas, they are fully adapted to our Australian culture.
  • Developing and delivering team effectiveness and leadership programs is our business. Our programs cultivate a climate of honesty, trust, respect and personal responsibility.
  • New feedback and skill building tools are constantly being added to our programs based on research in Australia and overseas.
  • Although our focus is Australian business, we have also conducted programs in London, Chicago, Vancouver, California , Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali and Fiji.
  • We have studied in the USA with the best:
    — The Neuro-Leadership Centre, California & Sydney
    — The Covey Leadership Centre, Utah
    — The Centre for Creative Leadership, Colorado
    — The Carlson Corporation, Minneapolis
  • Being a small business makes us very customer responsive. We can quickly adapt, “think on our feet” – we do not have a rigid “packaged program” approach.

We’re different, because we measure what we do

We add a hard edge to the ‘soft’ people skills – if you don’t measure, you don’t know!

Integro has a unique set of Australian-researched feedback systems – we call them ‘mirrors’, that provide you with qualitative and quantitative feedback on How You See Yourself compared to How Others See You… perception vs. reality

Consider the following feedback systems:

  • How you influence people… how you communicate, your leadership style. Integro has worked with the DISC behavioral feedback system over many years and understands its real value and depth. We have developed unique 360 degree DISC feedback to help people understand themselves and others.
  • Trust – how effectively you build trust… when you’re effective, when you’re not, and what to do about it. We can also accurately measure the level of trust existing in teams.
  • Flexibility… are you flexible or inflexible, constructive or defensive, open or resistant to change? You might think you’re flexible, but what do your staff really think?
  • Team effectiveness… we can accurately measure how your team is performing at a personal, interpersonal and task level. This increases team member’s accountability. Measuring the team’s strengths and weaknesses allows you to quickly and effectively address issues and move forward.
  • Leadership effectiveness… Australian designed feedback allows you to get a complete picture of your leadership – when it works, when it doesn’t and a practical, ‘down to earth’ plan on how to improve.

We can separate your leadership from your management effectiveness. We find many managers do not understand this crucial difference!

How we do it

Integro deals with practical hands-on learning, not textbook theory. We are business people – not teachers, trainers, or psychologists.

We do not believe in ‘fair weather leadership’.   Real leadership and teamwork comes out when the pressure is on and we design challenges for individuals and teams to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to develop an improvement plan.

That’s why we don’t use a traditional ‘9 to 5’ training or conference style.

Our indoor / outdoor ‘real life’ challenges accelerate the learning process.

The process is thought provoking, confronting, practical and emotional.

Integro’s ‘out of your comfort zone’ style of learning creates long term memory as it engages people at an emotional level.

Our experiences require total commitment in terms of time, energy and enthusiasm.

Our clients treat us as partners in their growth and development and as a result, we are very proud of our ability to be of service to Australian business. We are also very proud of our reputation built up over many years.

Integro experiences are exciting, interactive and fun!