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Integro has thirty five years experience in helping Australian business. What can we do to help yours?

We help executives and managers continually develop and foster their leadership skills. These skills can be applied in both their professional and personal lives... the current expression is developing 'emotional intelligence' (EQ).

We call EQ being smart with feelings

We design leadership and team development around your corporate objectives and outcomes.

Interpersonal Growth with Integrity

Good leadership, not just good management

  • Do you find that 80% of your day is spent on people issues?
  • Do you have too many managers and not enough leaders?
  • Are you capitalising on the benefits of effective leadership, teamwork and people skills across your business?
  • How do you get your people to share your enthusiasm and vision for your business?
  • Are your people busy trying to manage change rather than create change?
  • How do you attract and retain good people?
  • Do you consider your people as your major competitive advantage and are you investing in their growth and development?
  • Do your staff believe the ‘Executive Leadership Team’ actually behave like their title suggests, or the opposite?

We make it easier for you to address these challenges of leadership creating a "common language of communication" across your business.

What we do

  • Leadership

    Anyone can lead when the ‘sun is shining’- fair weather leadership - but real leadership emerges when things are tough, when the pressure is on.

    Being a manager does not make you a leader – leadership has nothing to do with your title. There is no hierarchy in leadership, it can emerge from any member of your team at any level. Your role as a manager is to build a team of good leaders and to know when to lead and when to follow. You are always your teams' manager, but leadership is not 24/7, it’s situational.

    A good manager will understand when their leadership strengths and passion align with the situation. When they don’t, let someone else in your team lead and learn to be a great follower.

  • Team Effectiveness

    Are you experiencing team challenges?

    • Poor team work?
    • "Silo" mentalities between departments?
    • Low trust, high stress?

    Integro can help you quickly build strong and effective teams where everyone is on the same wavelength and speaks the same language. This also results in reduced interpersonal conflict and stress.

    Team effectiveness is often confused with "team building". Outcomes of numerous team building sessions have often been described as "touchy feely" i.e. "having to like each other", having more meetings, more social outings. These rarely produce long term bottom line results.

    Effective teamwork is not based on having to like each other. It's about developing professional respect.

    You don't have to like someone to work with them but you do need mutual respect.

  • Learning by Doing

    Leadership is not learned in a classroom. We can't "teach" you leadership. But it can be learned.

    Watching DVDs, reading lots of leadership books and ‘role playing’ may give you some ideas but real leadership is ‘learnt by doing’.

    Integro specialises in creating environments and scenarios that will challenge you to look at yourself, apply and develop your leadership skills, and raise your awareness of your own interpersonal skills.

    Integro experiences are exciting, interactive and fun!

    ...more importantly,
    people remember and use what they have learnt long after their Integro experiences

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