Consider Our Experience

  • Corporate merger of two previous direct competitors – chemical industry

    Our challenge: Create one team with a common goal.

    Our solution: Starting with the executive team, we helped them to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and how to combine these in order to achieve a synergistic result.
    Secondly, conducted a national conference for all staff to first honour the past and then leave it behind, break down barriers, build respect and commit to a common vision.

    The results: By being proactive, we prevented feelings of win / lose and mistrust from surfacing and created a united team that easily exceeded the year’s budget.

  • Corporate communication breakdown – international I.T. research group

    Our challenge: To help technical managers and engineers understand people skills…focus on people, not just on task. To develop project leaders rather than project managers…too many managers, not enough leaders

    Our solution: Worked across the entire business, both in Australia and overseas, to create a common language around people skills and values. Accelerated project team formation and their ability to achieve results rapidly. Helped people to be more responsible and accountable for their own attitudes, behaviours and self motivation.

    The results: Happy faces replaced negative attitudes in all departments. People able to understand the big picture, form project teams quickly and achieve results in a fraction of the time. In a recent study involving companies across Australia, this company was voted as the 5th best company to work for.

  • Creating a switched on culture – pharmaceutical industry

    Our challenge: To turn a conservative, traditional marketing and sales group into a rapid growth, leading edge, high achieving business.

    Our solution: Break down barriers between marketing and sales departments, creating one team. Trained the sales team in customer profiling to increase their sales results. Created a customer database to enable marketing and sales to strategise (target) their messages to maximise impact and sales, while minimising costs.

    The results: The business went from just surviving on a turnover of $40m to thriving with a turnover in excess of $160m.

  • Changing a production dinosaur – steel industry

    Our challenge: Creating change in a traditional heavy industry environment with major safety, change management and union issues.

    Our solution: Replaced bosses with managers and leaders.
    Broke down barriers and built trust between management and union leaders.
    Created fast moving, staff driven project teams with the authority to change the workplace.

    The results: Greatly increased productivity, a dramatic downturn in accidents and workcover costs. A high level of respect and cooperation between the union and management.