“The managers who need to ‘look in the mirror’ the most, resist the most!”

Do you really understand the impact you are having on your team?

Do you really understand what your team are saying about you ‘in the coffee shop’?

Integro has a wide range of feedback mirrors to allow you to understand the real impact you are having on your team. This self-awareness creates more choices in the way you can be more effective as a leader.

“Why should anyone be led by you?”

People do not want to be managed. They want good leadership.

Leadership has nothing to do with your title, your MBA, or the size of your desk.

It has to do with trust, respect and courage.

It’s about ‘pushing the boundaries’, creating (not managing) change.

It’s about always helping the team to look for better ways of doing things.

“You have good managers, but what you need are good leaders.”

Do your executives and managers understand the difference?

Executives have the power to appoint managers, but only the team has the power to appoint their leader. Would your team vote for you as their leader?

Integro helps executives and managers explore their leadership – what works, what doesn’t, and what to do about it.

Leadership is not for everyone.

It cannot be taught, but you can learn it.

Integro experiences are exciting, interactive and fun!

…more importantly,
people remember and use what they have learnt
long after their Integro experiences

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